Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some searches take a long time?

It's one of two reasons: either we have other users on the site and your request was queued or your list has some games that are not cached. BGG API advises a delay between requests and I'm trying to follow it. On practice, a game which was not searched before needs a request to BGG and with that comes a delay before we are able to search the next game.

What do you mean with 'Shipping based on'?

Those are the geographical areas where we will limit our search for market entries. None selected means we will search on all three of them.

Some results show a big discount but then they are just a promo card. What's the deal with that?

The BGG API doesn't provide a filter to only include complete game entries. I implemented a rudimentary algorithm that tries to identify incomplete entries from results, but there's still some that manage to come through.

What do those '-' on results represent?

When we don't a meaningful value for that column we use a '-'. Usually, it's because we couldn't find market entries for that game.

I wanted to check the list of games by discount and I got a message saying there were no games in the collections. Why is that?

The process of finding the games by the discount and sorting them by intervals is running in the background accordingly to the site usage. Periodically there is a restart in the process and if you are visiting on those moments you might not see any results. Good news is, you can just wait a couple of minutes and try again and you should get those results you were looking for.

I have some ideas to improve Win-Win. What can I do?

That's awesome! The best way to contact me is using this email: